Sunset (and rain!)

Maybe one of the best things about being a hopefully-kinda-cool local band is that you begin to match yourself up with definitely very cool local places to play.  One of these very cool local places  in BG is the Sunset Bistro at 1220 West Wooster, right beside Stimmel’s Bakery (yum!).

As of summer 2016, there’s a patio out back where you can be serenaded as you eat. The musicians are just out there in the parking lot; it almost feels like a tailgate party. (More about that later, because if you are a ukulele quartet quasi-tailgating at a place called Anything Bistro, somebody better write a song about it!)

In any case, last time we installed ourselves in the parking lot with our gear, the weather had just gone from slam-you-down hot to merely kinda hot, and we started playing for a friendly crowd.  We’d gotten maybe four songs in when the first raindrops started bouncing off our ukes (no big deal) and also off our sound gear (much bigger deal).  We wrapped up the song and were just sort of hesitating, wondering what we ought to do.  I mean, we have played on a train and (under a tent) in  the rain before, but actually getting water in our sound gear seemed like a bad idea.

We were rescued by Prudy (the multi-talented-and-pretty-amazing owner of the bistro) who instructed her staff to pitch in, and we suddenly had many, many friendly hands helping to haul our gear inside where we re-set-up and finished the evening’s music in the air conditioning!

So, now you know, the Sunset Bistro is not just a good place to eat, it’s also a ukulele-friendly zone, and their wait staff make exceptionally efficient roadies!

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