I feel a little glorious bit like an international spy!

We’re on Step (some-number) out of (some-other-number) on the way to finishing our full-length album*, If You Think That Way, and because of this, I’m sitting on the couch with my iPhone in my hand, listening repeatedly to twelve songs which have been heard by only half a dozen or so people on the planet. Seriously, maybe six individuals out of some seven billion have heard these. It’s kind of amazing.

Several photos being edited on a Macintosh screen

The only people who have heard this music are us four GRÜBS, Eric (our awesome recording and mixing engineer and producer) and the very amazingly talented and mysterious guest musician who plays on one of the tracks.

Our job now is to listen to these songs, listen again, discuss, listen once more, and finally make suggestions for tweaking them until they become as close to what we hear in our heads as possible.

Play a song five times, listening carefully each time, and each time you’ll hear something new, and maybe you have to wait until the sixth or seventh time before you hear the one thing you want to change. It’s either really fun work or really workful fun – I can’t decide – but either way, we’re well into the final mixing stage. If we stay on track, we’ll reach Step (some-other-number) by early September, and we’ll be able to launch If You Think That Way toward its place in GRÜBS history!

* It’s either our “début album” or our “sophomore effort”, depending on just exactly how you look at our 2015 holiday release, Uke Tide.

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