BSAF 2016

The very first September we were in Bowling Green, Jason and I (and very little Tiny Baby Claire) went wandering through the streets, dazzled and delighted by the music and the merry crowd at the Black Swamp Arts Festival. And I remember very clearly thinking: “Wouldn’t it be amazing if someday, after we settle in here, we met some cool local people, formed some kind of groovy band, and played at this festival?”

Bring up transitional music … allow years to flow lightly by … cue two very cool local people … stir up some musical grooviness … and there we were in 2014, rocking it out on the family stage at the BSAF.

photo of GRÜBS on BSAF 2014 Family Stage
GRÜBS on BSAF 2014 Family Stage

This is now the third year that the GRUBS have played the BSAF, and it just keeps getting better. This year, we played on the acoustic stage, opening for Flor de Toloache, an all-woman mariachi band from New York City.

photo of GRÜBS at BSAF 16

So, tell me, how could this get better: The ukulele quartet opening for the NYC mariachi band in downtown middle America?

I guess we’ll see next year!