Launch party, LaunchParty! LAUNCH! PARTY!

We had this launch party on Tuesday October 4th, and as happens with confounding regularity, our friends and fans were generous, supportive, and just generally adorable and amazing.

GRÜBS “on stage” at Grounds For Thought

I always go into these things thinking, “What if nobody comes?” I mean, we went to all that trouble, asked Laura and Kelly of Grounds for Thought to host us—they set up all these chairs! Chairs, and Chairs and CHAIRS! What if nobody comes to sit in them, and we have to play to all those buttless (OK, faceless, if you must) chairs? Or what if those chess players over there can’t stand us and forsake their knights and pawns to ask Kelly to turn off the noise so they can strategize? So, I was nervous setting up because we called this party, and if it pooped, it would pretty much be because … Well, nobody wants to think about that.

But they came. Bless their chair-filling bottoms and their smiling faces, they came, close to a hundred of them before the night was over, and they laughed and clapped, and they bought some CDs even.

A few audience highlights — and I’m probably missing some good ones, but here’s what I noticed:

Guest Who Came the Furthest: Anne’s brother Scott. I love Anne’s brother Scott: he just gives off SmartKindJoyful vibes.

Oldest Guest: My mom — at 86, still my hero.

if you think that way cover art

Most Artistic Guests: As far as we know, Ashley Donaldson and Kate Kamphuis are always pretty much the most talented people in any room. Kate took band pictures (which you have also seen here), and Ashley designed the album cover (which, by now, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen in lots of places, but here it is again!); they made us look as good as we try to sound.

Eric Sills, Ashley Donaldson, and the GRÜBS admiring a shiny red ukulele; David Dupont in the background.

Guest Who Had Maybe the Most to Do With Our Success: Our recording engineer, co-producer, and number one support during the recording process, Eric Sills from Stone Soup Studios in Maumee, OH.

Best-Behaved Guests: Several students from my very own phonetics class … who did not heckle, bless them.

Best Sports: My sister-in-law Barb, Beverly Elwazani, Ashley Donaldson (again), and our staunch supporter David Duport from BG Independent Media, who played along with “Electric Avenue”! Here‘s what David wrote about the show afterward; WOW!!

Favorite Guests: Just everybody! And, those chess players? They also stayed!

Thank you so much, y’all. We couldn’t be more delighted or more grateful.

P.S. — The links and info you need for buying CDs or downloads are on the “Get GRÜBS Music” page.