Our Fayette Opera House début

I’m writing this in the car on the way to our gig at the Fayette, Ohio, Opera House, feeling strongly tempted to spout some kind of gobbledy-gook about Known Unknowns and Unknown Knowables with Uncertainty Sauce. It’s a new location, new promoters, and a new audience base.  We learned this afternoon that tickets are $10 and $12, which is the most anybody has ever paid to see us play … but it’s not clear how it’s been advertised.  No matter what else happens, this here is a GRÜBS World’s First.

We’re planning to warm them up post-sound-check and pre-show by playing our one-uke version of “Lean On Me” in the lobby … and hoping to have to clear a space for ourselves in the teeming throng to get that done.

So, off we go with a couple friends, our ukes, some minimal sound equipment, and our box of CDs to sell …

photo of GRÜBS on the Fayette Opera House stage during soundcheck
GRÜBS on the Fayette Opera House stage during soundcheck

[The day after:] Holy falafel, children! The Fayette Opera House, built in 1898, is beautiful! The sound crew (Steve and Tina) were incredible, the audience of around 70 was delightful, we sold a handful of CDs, and … wait for it …  there were cookies downstairs after the show.  Gracious, welcoming community.

We also met “Pugs”, the resident ghost.  Every old opera house has a ghost, right? Pugs is a friendly fellow, who (we were told more-or-less just before we went on stage) died while performing at the opera house some decades back! He makes his presence known by randomly switching on lights.  And, in fact, some random lights did go on during our set.

So, our list of thank-yous grows: thanks to Steve, Tina, Rebecca (who made first contact with us nearly a year ago), Tom (who finalized the paperwork and paid us!), and the rest of the Fayette Opera House staff, volunteers, and guests, for a great night.

And thanks, Pugs, for helping with the lighting.