Happy New Year! (Lots of updates)

There’s a lot to catch up on; it’s been a busy couple of months since our last blog post! Among other things, there were several live performances as well as some broadcast and web-radio appearances … details below.

photo of Sheri Wells-Jensen and James Hill
Sheri and James!

But first things first: Canadian ukulele guru James Hill is offering a free series of lessons on his web site until January 31.

His “chord twins” approach highlights pairs of chords with similar fingerings—which are therefore very easy to play, but can sometimes sound quite sophisticated.

This approach is similar to what the GRÜBS have done in some of our own workshops, classes, and lessons. (See also Jason’s previous blog post about “cheat chords”!)

We will probably be looking at some of James Hill’s material during our next Ukulele Club meeting at the Wood County Library at 3pm Sunday, January 15. And for a personal touch, you can always contact the GRÜBS about scheduling individual or small-group ukulele lessons in the Bowling Green, Ohio, area.

Here is a list of some of our exploits since November:

• Ukulele Club meetings at the library (of course);

• The Wood County Historical Museum holiday tour;

• The Wood County Hospital Guild luncheon;

• The WBGU-FM morning show – during which we recorded this video;

• RNIB’s World Connect podcast (from the UK):

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