Tiny Desk video … behind the scenes

The first thing you should know about the making of this year’s Tiny Desk Concert contest video is that it was crazy, nasty, windy, blecky outside that evening. Seriously cold-horrible-almost-actually-scary bad.

The second thing is that none of us was having a particularly splendid day. Nothing profoundly wrong; just one of those days where you’re sort of hoping for somebody to play the “everybody go home” card so you can wrap yourself up in your favorite blanket and dedicate yourself for a bit to an adult beverage and a bowl of salty comfort food.

And the third thing is that we really hadn’t thought ahead enough about how we were going to set things up specifically: where the dolly was going to sit, and how we’d position ourselves around the mic, and whether the light would be bright enough at night with all that gloom pressing in on the windows.

And I mean, if you’re going to shoot a video for a major contest, maybe those are the sorts of details you should fuss over?

So, we all got there, took out our ukuleles and looked at each other like: “How’s this gonna go, friends?”

And, it was AWESOME! I’ve said before that there is something about the ukulele … and just go ahead and quadruple that something if there are four ukuleles! The minute we heard Geoff play the intro to this wonderful little gem of a tune, the bad weather vanished, the stressful day evaporated, and the technical details snapped obediently into place. By the time we were in the midst of take 4 (the last one and the one we used) we were all set (as they say), and I was all ready for that adult beverage and snacky goodness … but instead of for solace, it was now all about celebration. We hope you enjoy the video! Give it a listen and share if you will.