Hiatus over, apparently.

photo of GRÜBS at Wood County museum, December 2016
GRÜBS at Wood County museum, December 2016

If I remember right, we haven’t performed in public since early December. (EDIT: We were on a live radio show in mid-December, but still …) And during most of that time, we only had one gig on the horizon, which doesn’t happen until mid-March. A three-month hiatus. A fairly long dry spell for us these days.

It wasn’t a problem, really; we used some of that downtime intentionally to focus on making our Tiny Desk video for “Going nowhere slow”, and to learn a few more new songs.

And we were confident that, eventually, more performance opportunities would pop up. As usual, we didn’t know how right we were …

A few days ago, we gave a whirlwind 45-minute presentation on all things ukulele in a BGSU World Music class — which gave us a chance to ponder on a few fun facts …

The ukulele is both a “foreign” instrument and a “domestic” one, having been developed in Hawai’i by Portuguese luthiers, and it’s currently more popular than ever in the US, the UK, New Zealand, Japan, Germany, and elsewhere.

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra (via their “It’s a heartache” video) served as an excellent example of the kind of non-traditional musical career path that a ukulelist might follow: The group began as a community café jam session (in the same café depicted in the video!) that eventually evolved into a world-touring “professional” ensemble.

And we have two more public appearances coming up next week!

  • Wednesday, February 8, we will be the featured act (i.e. the “Hump o’ the Month”) during the Hump Day Revue open-mic extravaganza at the Stones Throw Tavern – our hour-long set will start around 9:30-ish.
  • Saturday, February 11, we’re playing in the BG Winterfest Chillabration Tent at 6:15.

And meanwhile, we’ve received calls about two or three other upcoming events. We’ll do our best to keep you posted, especially if you sign up for our mailing list or follow us on Facebook!