Learn to play the ükulele

There are seventeen million ukulele tutorials on YouTube, and probably hundreds of method books available. It’s a bit overwhelming, so if you’re looking for self-paced learning resources, you might want to try starting with someone authoritative, like Canadian guru James Hill or Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain member Will Grove-White or Ukulele for dummies author Alistair Wood.

And/or you might want to contact us to set up in-person lessons or workshops (in or near Bowling Green, Ohio) for groups of any size!

photo of ukulele club meetingThe Wood County Library Ukulele Club meets at 3pm on the third Sunday of most months. No particular experience necessary, and some of the GRÜBS are usually there. Contact the library for more information.

Also, here are some videos we did a few years ago, demonstrating how easy it can be to get unusual and awesome sounds out of a ukulele!